Which certifications should I take if I want to transition into a software Product Manager role?

Hi there, I'm currently a web Project Manager, looking to transition into a Product Manager role in software. What will be the best certifications that will help me get a job in that field?

I already have a CSM and will be getting CSPO and PMP.

Thank you!

Hi @korchanovanatasha Speaking from experience, no certifications really provide the real life experience of doing software development work as a Product Manager. If you are already project managing, there is likely work that is related to Product Management. I moved from Project Management into Product through landing jobs with product adjacent work (Product Analyst, UX), that gave me the flexibility to build up Product work experience. Happy to discuss more over a call. DM me to chat more.
Hi! I've been doing a ton of research into this as part of a new training program I'm putting together. Product hiring mangers DO NOT care about certificates. They are viewed with a lot of skepticism and don't teach you skills that you actually need as a product manager. Hands on experience is the best route. Don't spend the money on a PMP unless you want to stay in project work. Like Anna mentioned, you likely have transferrable skills - focus on positioning those forward on your resume and in your interviews.