Any remote US companies hiring Canadians for PM roles?

I live in Vancouver, Canada and I'm always searching the job board for new opportunities. Sadly, it seems like most of these are for those living in the US. Is your company hiring Canadians for remote Project or Product Management roles? I would love to hear from you!

Hi Natasha - I changed your tag from Job Board (which is for people posting job listings) to Job Hunting :)Also, have you looked through Elpha's job board, including companies like Shopify?
Hello Natasha! So what exactly is the issue? is that the roles are only for US nationals (even when remote) or is that you don't see enough roles that are remote? Or that generally speaking you want roles that are also open to foreign nationals (even if based in the US, and you might consider going there at some point)? And lastly are you tied to US companies only like would you be open to working for a Canadian company (in person or remote)? Either way, I am not an immi lawyer but with the Canda - US relationship you could probably benefit from the TN visa if you come to the US. Otherwise, why not look for roles at Canadian companies that offer remote roles? Briana shared Shopify which is obviously a big one
Try T-mobile. I know they are hiring for PMs. They are based in Seattle and Iā€™m sure, given their relationship with Canadian carriers, that your citizenship might be an advantage for certain roles.