Celebrate A Little Victory With Me?

I was included in a meeting to adjust comp plans for our sales team today. The proposed plan was to lower quotas for everyone on the team except one woman. I successfully advocated to change that (which in turn gives her a chance to earn more next year).

Just wanted to celebrate that I made it to the room where it happens AND used my voice for good!

Also, in case you needed to hear it, the seat at the table is worth fighting for. You can do it! 🎉🎉

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It may be a little victory for you, but I'm sure it isn't/won't be small for that woman. Great job!
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100% worth celebrating! Can you share anything more about how you made the case for her? Was the argument about her merits as an individual or collective fairness for everyone on the sales team (or perhaps a mix)?
Thanks for your question Laurel! In this case, I did use a combination of both. There was another team member who started around the same time as the woman I advocated for and I highlighted that we lowered his quota but hadn’t hers. In addition to this point, I also wanted to make sure that her success so far this year wasn’t used against her, if she’s gone above and beyond she should be compensated as such!
YESS!! This is something to feel very proud, you are making big changes!