GO Collective - Fraction Growth Marketing Team

I'm excited to be partnering with GO Collective, a consultant-led fractional growth marketing team, launched by Grace Ouma-Cabezas. Over many years in the industry It’s become clearer that many high-growth startups and companies in transition need more dynamic support. They need to scale up resources responsibly, with minimal risk. They also need more flexibility and a more unified strategy than what the typical digital marketing agency or individual contractor can offer.

We eliminate the work of managing multiple agencies and contractors for busy founders and operating teams to focus on what they do best. Most importantly, we collaborate and design support to meet your goals holistically.

I'd love for any referrals and if you'd like to learn more feel free to reach out. Inquiries can also be sent to [email protected].

That's a great idea! Sounds like such an exciting project. I'm a freelance digital marketer and copywriter. I'd love to help out if any way you need.
Thanks Kaitlin, I'll reach out directly with more information!