How to know you are going to success staying with the same company for a long time?

What are some indicators that you can have a nice career path within your current company? Do you have any red-flags, or insights to success? Company is hospitality and position is sales related.

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I would look at the career path of other colleagues, preferably at the position to which you want to progress in next X years. This would be some sort of indication, what you can achieve in the company.But best, I believe, would be a talk with you current manager, checking what are the options that you have on hand and what do you need to do to progress to the next level.
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Agree with the above response on looking at the career path of peers/colleagues there. Some questions to perhaps consider:- Are women being equally promoted throughout the levels, hierarchy? Do women exist in the leadership and are they ‘opening the doors’ for other women (do they have women reporting to them)?- Are workers there generally happy? Check reviews of salary, benefits, culture....
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There are two kinds of companies: those that value long-term talent and promote from within, and those that prefer to hire senior candidates from outside the company. Look at the paths of those around you to figure out where you are. If everyone who's been at the company more than X years has been in the same role that whole time, or been promoted once or twice before hitting a ceiling as a mid-level manager, it's probably not a place you want to stay long-term.
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I agree that it’s helpful to look at comparable ie your colleagues who surround you. But I’d also examine how your relationship with your managers is- how invested they are about your success (if they are at all), if they are responsive when you ask for growth opportunities (assuming you’re vocal about them too). I’d say it would be a red flag if they just don’t care about how you’re growing at the company.
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@Clementina175 Hi, the key to pursuing and achieving career growth is reflecting on where you’re at, clarifying where you want to go, coming up with a variety of ideas for how to get there, and then creating small goals each month to pursue those next steps (and pivot accordingly as you learn where you should adjust). Typically I recommend doing a little bit of each of these activities each month for career development even if you’re not in job search mode: research, networking, skill development, and reflection. Balance your effort between driving your success in your current role/company, pursuing your own professional development (clarify your path, network, and advance skills towards your goal, independently of your current role/org), and taking care of yourself holistically. I'd also consider ensuring you have explicit conversations w/ your manager if you're focused on moving up in the ladder at your current organization and ensuring that together, you outline what's next for you and what they need to see from you and by when; get them to partner with you in your growth.If you want to learn more, I’m linking a blog article on what to do each month for career development here - PS, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach. I’d be happy to discuss this further if you want to hop on a call -- check my profile for how to book time with me. I’m here to help! Talk soon!
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