SAVE THE DATE: 18 April - Free workshop on hiring @ 6pm BST / 1pm EST

Dear Elphas, I'm running a 45 min workshop on hiring next week in collab with the awesome founder community and their very own Ryan Rutan (Founding Partner & CMO)!

Register for the event here:

In this workshop I will talk about:

  1. Common hiring mistakes founders make
  2. When founders need to start hiring (it’s a lot sooner than you think!)
  3. What founders must do before making their next hire (including useful frameworks like this), and to wrap up
  4. Ryan will open up about his own experience with hiring talent (the good, the bad and the ugly)!

**SAVE THE DATE: Monday, 18th of April

**TIME: 6pm BST / 1pm EST

Register here:

See you next week!


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P.S. I didn't realise that this falls on Easter Monday! 🤦‍♀️ I guess the beauty of working for yourself is that you completely forget about any public holidays... :-)) Hope to still see some of you!