What kind of workshop do you do?

What kind of facilitation, training, education are you delivering - or would you like to be delivering?

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Tagging few of our coaches @crystallee @annamiller @Katalin!
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Hi I am a tech instructor , majorly on web development. I coach on frontend skills and getting started on open source .
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Women’s empowerment, leadership development, human potential
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My niche is in entrepreneurship development, specifically around launching businesses, using no-code tools to validate a business, getting traction, and closing your first 5 paying customers.I also facilitate leadership development and women empowerment sessions, to name a few.
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Great to see so many different topics and focus areas 😍Looking forward to learning from eachother :) I am focusing on two main areas: 1/ train the trainer (foundational and advanced skills for trainers, facilitators, educators) with Trainers Toolbox, and 2/ positive psychology topics - wellbeing, resilience, flow/engagement, mindset/thinking patterns, mindfulness with Happiness Academy