Nonprofits interested in accepting crypto donations?

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@tinaroh I wish I knew this was an option! Our organization just signed up with The Giving Block to be able to receive crypto donations and we are having to pay an annual fee. I just attended a conference yesterday to get set up for the BitcoinTuesday kickoff for Giving Tuesday this year. We are very interested in marketing that we are now accepting crypto, but with a team of two trying to fundraise $5.3M this year, we are stretched so very, very thin. If you still would do a free consultation, it would be much appreciated, for expanding our knowledge and for possibly using your widget upon our renewal date next year. We do free medical, dental, vision, and veterinary pop-up clinics for anyone in need across the country, so we are busier than ever and could use any help we can get!
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Wow, that’s an amazing service you provide. Yes, for sure down to discuss more over a call! Please book a time by going to and clicking the button at the top. Would love to learn more about your organization too!