Forget the “track”: From Engineer to MBA to Freelance Writer to FounderFeatured

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Thanks for taking the time to share you story, Emily! I thoroughly enjoyed ready about your journey, especially your point about being your authentic self. I'm 31 and I feel like I'm finally feeling this way as well. Not sure what caused this turning point but totally agree with not wanting to work with or for people that don't appreciate you and your authenticity. Congrats on Chorus, such a great idea!
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Thanks so much, really appreciate it and glad you liked it!!
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This is a great idea. Nice job!
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Thanks so much!
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Emily, thank you SO much for sharing your story. I used to be very protective of how my resume looked too and I couldn't reconcile it with my diversified interests in real estate, tech, construction, startups, business, and investing. As a construction manager I convinced my boss to let me take a sabbatical to complete a web dev course at Flatiron School because I didn't want a gap in my work timeline. At bootcamp I learned I was more into the business aspect of tech and prefer to code as a hobby so I went back to my job, but eventually left to do my MBA to have time to figure out what I want under the shelter of a socially acceptable excuse for unemployment. Post MBA I landed in real estate because the job offered me the paper perfect title and salary. I got pregnant and left that job after 7 months, opting to self fund my maternity leave because I couldn't accept bringing a baby girl into this world only to offer her this message- "welcome baby! enjoy your childhood because when you grow up you'll need to push through at jobs that don't inspire you because that's what most people do!" It has now been 7 months since I quit, 5 months since my daughter was born, and I have never been happier. I started an e-commerce business and am starting a blog. I feel so lucky to have time at home with my baby and to finally feel free to be who I am and do what I want. My husband and I have always been savers so we were able to give ourselves this cushion (oh yeah, he quit too because he wanted to be home for our daughter and he hated corporate life) and now we are slowly finding our way in terms of income and what we actually want to do with our time on this earth. Ok this was way longer than I intended but once again thank you for sharing your story. I can relate and I eventually would love to start my own startup too, so thank you for being such an inspiration. Have a nice day!
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Wow, so interesting! Congrats on your own amazing journey!! It's so hard to figure out what we actually want to do with our time, and it's always changing. Love reading this thanks for sharing!!
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Hello! I'm actually literally in the same situation you were when you graduated college. I was having so many doubts about my future and honestly, this piece gave me a lot of hope. Thank you for sharing the paths you took, it makes me really optimistic. Congrats on all your endeavors.