Seeking Technical Co Founder for an Epic Marketplace


Thanks for reading!

I am a hospitality profesional of over 17 years in the field that stumbled into tech.

During covid (idle hands) had me create a b2b marketplace for the industry, I taught myself to use no code and created what is now our second beta and the results and feedback on the concept have been great.

My issue and where you come in is that it needs to be optimized, through the beta we have found what works and what the users want and now I need help making it more functional and pretty (two of my limitations and well bubbles as well).

I am seeking a co founder because I am tired of being a one woman show and would like to work with someone that shares the passion and vision of the company.

I just applied to YC (fingers crossed) and am working on securing more investment to keep us funded for the next year so we can launch.

If you have read this far and are interested in travel, hospitality & sustainability. Want to be a Co founder and work with someone and on something you belive in and that will build you up as you build it.

YOU are my gal!

comment below if you are interested and ill send you my calendy link .

Look forward to meeting you!

Congrats and thank you for sharing! The concept is great and I can see a lot of potential! I am not exactly the creative type but have been a project manager in the tech space for a few years and like to play around with software tools in my spare time. Love to connect to learn more and see how I might be able to help!
Thanks for your response @peiyuchen Ill send you a message for us to connect.
Hello Alexandria- I would love to hear more about your requirements and business model. Please reach out to me at [email protected]Thanks
Hi @alexandriatomayko! I have a full-stack agency, WLCM (pronounced "Welcome"), that partners with startups to provide product strategy, design, and full technical teams on an as-needed basis. We've been working with pumpspotting ( on their app, for example, for the past seven years, and Brella ( on their apps (mobile and web) for the past three years; in both cases since startup conception. :)As a team, we have 10+ years experience on 100+ products, earning recognition from FastCo ("Best of Experience Design") and the App Store ("Best in Class") just recently, among other accolades (see I'd love to connect to see if there might be a fit here.Our site: bio: calendar: email is [email protected]