Curious out of how many of you that run start ups, do you activly use twitter?

Would you say its an important SM channel for your company in terms of reach and marketing?

Our company does not use twitter currenlty we are mainly on LI, Insta, FB & Pinterest another channel seems like just a pain.

Hoping to hear pros and cons :)

Ultimately I’d say do what’s best for you and , I will say Twitter gets a LOT of action. It is highly dependent on the kind of businesses you’re trying to build (eg I am a B2B enterprise focused investor and not a single company in my portfolio is on Pinterest/dont see the use but then again if you are more consumer/d2c even, then there’s probably a lot more use to it)Personally I’ve connected with some other really great investors and even more importantly really good startups on Twitter!It’s been a great deal flow/pipeline. While I recognise I am not a founder, I do think it can be worth joining to (1) get your name out there (2) connect with other founders/potential businesses/investors.Lastly, if you’re not ready to have a company Twitter, maybe you personally should have one and use it as a marketing channel almost for your business? And see how it pans out before starting a company Twitter?