Bain’s all male crypto team on IWD2022

Bain's unashamed announcement of an all male team for their crypto fund. And on International Women's day to boot:

So much audacity, privilege, willful ignorance and lack of foresight.

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Hmm looks like that tweet got deleted? 👀 I can only see the follow up:
This was the original tweet. Shame because the quote retweets were hilarious 😂
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Ah yes I saw the influx of memes on this after the fact and they too were hilarious! 🤦‍♀️😆
iynna's profile thumbnail Looks like they "redeemed" (or tried to reedem) themselves :)Also someone needs to give Ed Zimmerman an award @adetola we love to see him advocating for what needs to be advocated for!