Seeking career driven women for market research & laser coaching

⚠️ HELP⚠️

I am currently creating an exciting new coaching offer and I need your help! I want to make this the most incredible program out there, which is why I am doing Market Research. I am looking to speak with 10 ambitious corporate women who are thinking about what is next for them in their career.

Is This You?

✅ You’ve been in the corporate world for 10+ years and while you’ve checked all the boxes in your career and are successful on paper, deep down you feel overworked and unhappy in your career

✅ You are a high-achiever. You tend to take on a lot, struggle with people-pleasing for fear of letting others down, and find yourself feeling tired or burnt out as a result.

✅ You feel like there is something more out there for you. While you have the nudge to explore what life is like outside your current industry or role, you’re not exactly sure what you would do or how to get there.

✅ The safety of the consistent paycheck, benefits, or need to support your family keep you where you are and prevent you from pursuing your passion.

✅ You desire to spend your time doing work that really matters to you while also having more time to give to the people in your life.

If you found yourself saying “YES” to these, I’d love to chat with you!

And as a THANK YOU for 20 minutes of your time, I’d love to gift you with a 20-min laser coaching session where you will receive personalized coaching on a topic of your choice.

Again, this is completely PITCH-FREE. I simply want to do market research.

If you or someone you know is a great fit for this--comment below & I will message you the info to schedule time!

@shelleykay I would be interested!
@shelleykay I am interested too