Seeking women for market research interviews

Hi Elphas!

I'm an empowerment coach for corporate women helping them elevate their confidence, amplify their happiness and unleash their full potential in work and life.

I am seeking participants for some market research interviews in exchange for a few tips from my practice. In addition to being a trained coach I have over a decade of experience as an HR professional for top Fortune 500 companies including Google. I have been both miserable and unconfident and happy and confident during my corporate career and am passionate about helping women live a life they are obsessed with because it IS possible.

The market research interview will be 45 minutes long including 30 minutes of questions to better understand your current challenges and dreams and 15 minutes where I can share any helpful tips in exchange for your time.

If you are interested in participating, please leave a comment below and I will send you a link so that you can schedule your session.



NancyLom's profile thumbnail
@shelleykay I may be interested.
shelleykay's profile thumbnail
Thanks Nancy! I just sent you the details if it feels aligned to sign up.
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hi Shelley! I am interested - you can send me a note at [email protected] Thanks!
shelleykay's profile thumbnail
Just sent you an email
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Tagged "Asks" for you :)
KristineWagner's profile thumbnail
Thanks for the offer! I'm interested.
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Just sent you the info to schedule
gabriela98's profile thumbnail
Hi Shelley! I'm interested :)
shelleykay's profile thumbnail
Great just sent you a private message :)
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@shelleykay - Hi! I'm interested in participating
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Great! Sending you a private message now.
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Hi @shelleykay happy to help as i just went through the process of finding and working with a coach if you still need people.
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That would be great and extremely helpful! Will DM you the info now.
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Hi Shelley. Happy to help. Email me at [email protected]
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Thanks! Just sent you an email.
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I’d love to participate.
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Great! Just shared the information.
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Sure thing
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@shelleykay if you are still looking for participants, I'd be happy to help!
@shelleykay opss I'm late. I can help if you need more info. Write me @ [email protected]Background: Mid management role. 4+ years professional career gap because going back to study in foreign country + Covid situation. Happy to share about struggle to pick a role from many career choices.
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Hi @shelleykay, happy to do this and would also some user research Qs for you as well! Thanks
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@shelleykay are you still looking?