How to have extra incomes in ourtime

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Thanks for sharing! Very interesting as I have seen many articles about extra sources of income. I strongly agree with 1 and 2. However, I couldn't disagree more #3 simply because companies whose revenue model involve gambling have all the stacks against those who do in fact gamble - it's straight statistics actually e.g slot machine in casino, the more you play the more you lose, for those you're better off play once and call it a day. Look up the Samuelson's Fallacy of Large Numbers (or this Consider a single bet which is rejected (say, 50/50 chance of winning $11 or losing $10). If an agent has utility that rejects that bet at any wealth level, then he must also reject any finite string of such bets. Many people intuitively believe that they can accept the string of bets because, by the law of large numbers, the probability of losing money goes to 0 as the number of bets goes to infinity. Although I believe in data and scientific studies like those in the article above, I am eager to hear yours or anyone take on gambling.
I agree with #2, disagree with #3, and have reservations about #1. II have the impression that property management companies are unwilling to rent out to people with lower incomes. It's really turned me off from the whole concept. Anything I make money doing, I want it to be something that could benefit anyone, not just people with a middle-to-high income.