Do you feel an urgency to make positive social change? To align your own core values with your work?

Hello Elphas,

Are you in a state of transition or feel an urgency to make positive social change? In the next year, do you seek to better align your own core values with your work?

Are you frusturated with today's dominant and hyper-focused narratives on unicorns and pathways that reinforce power for a selected few rather than for the communities we serve?

Or are you thinking of ways you can build or grown your own social venture, on your terms and minimizing risk through lightweight experiments and optimizing for impact rather than rushing into building an MVP?

If so, I would love to have you join EPIC! - Startups for All's new trusted community for purpose-driven founders, knowledge workers, and product folx from underrepresented populations and who have a strong desire to make a difference in the world.

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- Takes 8 minutes and includes a free 1:1 mentor session plus

- Apply by Monday, Dec. 27th for Early Access!

EPIC! builds upon Startups for All's Cohort program and offers monthly interactive workshops on topics based on the SfA Framework™, such as human-centered storytelling, inclusive customer discovery and mitigating bias, brand strategy and building audience, fundraising strategy, and social impact strategy.

We also offer small group mentor sessions and hold weekly "safe spaces to practice and figure things out" so that you make better decisions to save time and maximize impact.

Embracing difference and our unique lived experiences also sits at the core of what we do - 89% of our founders and experts self-identify as female/womxn, non-binary, LGBTQ+; and 74% self-identify as BIPOC or as a mixed ethno-racial identity.

We're excited for the future! Feel free to DM me or connect with me on LinkedIn with any questions.

All the best and happy holidays!


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