Navigating Motherhood and Silicon Valley: A Juggling EntrepreneurFeatured

My journey began a decade ago in Silicon Valley's thriving tech scene. I was surrounded by the latest gadgets, from innovative wearables to sleek watches, and I thrived in this environment. I transformed complex tech concepts into captivating presentations fueled by my passion for code and caffeine. It was the best job I could have ever dreamed of. But then, my life took an unexpected turn with the arrival of my daughter, Kiara.

Kiara, whose name means “light,” brought a profound change to my world. I was suddenly balancing the demands of parenting with the rigors of a high-paced career. My days became a whirlwind of diapers and conference calls, while my nights were filled with lullabies and midnight emails. Amidst the pandemic, this balancing act felt even more daunting. I began to doubt myself and question if I could handle the juggle of these two vastly different worlds.

Despite my fears and challenges, I was determined to rewrite my life's narrative. I traded in corporate spreadsheets for baby onesies but never gave up hope of returning to the corporate world someday. As I contemplated my next steps, I turned to communities for guidance and support. I joined as a WTM Ambassador and a mentor with BreakThrough Tech AI. These roles were transformative, helping me regain my confidence and providing a platform to mentor women facing similar challenges. Over time, I emerged as a voice for women striving to balance career and motherhood, proving that it is possible to excel in both domains.

The decision to found Kiara Naturals was not just a career move but a step toward fulfilling a deeper calling. It represented the continuation of my personal and professional journey—a venture that harmonized my expertise in technology with my newfound passion and belief in personalizing wellness. We integrate AI and natural remedies to meet the unique wellness needs of today's digital age – standing as a symbol of innovation, blending technology with nature for a healthier, more balanced life.

This endeavor empowers me to fluidly transition between my roles as a businesswoman and mother, mastering the art of balance by embracing imperfections and setting realistic expectations. I actively set boundaries, meticulously organize my daily tasks, and have learned that seeking help is not just necessary, but a skill to be embraced and honed.

My story is one of embracing change, believing in oneself, and finding a harmonious balance between professional success and personal contentment. It is a narrative about the power of community support and the surprising ways people can help each other grow. In these communities, I have found a new playground for mutual growth and support, reminding us all that nothing is set in stone and that change can lead to wonderful new beginnings.

Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your journey with us!
Thanks for sharing your journey! Before motherhood, I was also in the Bay Area (bio)tech scene. Postpartum, I experienced a lot of changes in my life personally and professionally and am founding a company, focused on easing the struggles of breastfeeding/pumping.
I can so relate to this! Postpartum, I decided to focus my agency on helping gemtech and baby product companies. We were focused on healthcare before but after going through the pregnancy, labor, postpartum, I knew what types of companies I wanted to help elevate.