I was the most followed student on Linkedin globally - here's how to get your next job with LinkedinFeatured

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Thank you! I’ve also found that thoughtfully commenting on others posts helps start conversations. And I’ve used this technique to great success. Wrote an article about exactly what I do so others can try it too. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-send-best-most-phenomenal-amazing-connection-request-amy-jones
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Awesome resource! Thanks for sharing!
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Love love love! I still struggle with creating content. I will redo my bio as advised. Thank you
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That's so great to hear! Message me on Linkedin if you want me to take a look at your bio for any more tips!
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This was incredibly helpful, thank you! I revamped my bio this morning and I'll look towards creating more posts/commenting on posts!
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That's awesome to hear! Feel free to add me on Linkedin and stay connected!
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This is so incredibly thoughtful and comprehensive. I've already shared with a couple of clients who haven't committed to upgrading their LinkedIn. I know your article with practical advice will inspire them. Thanks again @NatalieRiso
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I'm glad you found it helpful! Thanks Nicole!
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Thanks Natalie, very helpful! How much do you charge for a LinkedIn review?
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Hey Kristine - Thanks for the question. I don't do paid Linekdin reviews anymore since joining my current company LTSE. That said, I've done public reviews / case studies in the past if you are open to something like that.
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Makes sense Natalie. A public review/case study sounds like something I'd be interested in - what does it entail?
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Thank you so much for posting this! I found it very helpful and reminded myself to update my LinkedIn profile. Big-big thank you!
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Thanks Anna! I'm glad you found it helpful!
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awesome! just awesome!thank you for sharing for everyone starting out there!
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Aw thank you! I hope it can help those who are currently looking for their next gig in these uncertain times!
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Thanks for sharing this @NatalieRiso, compared my profile to my colleague's earlier today and realised I really needed to up my game. Very timely.
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Thanks for the kind words! Remember though, it's not a competition for the "best" Linikedin profile, but the one that best showcases your unique strengths and background.
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This is amazing.... If anyone out there needs support to first clarify their ideal career direction before feeling confident in their personal branding / job serach, let me know. Happy to talk through where you're at and how I can help. I have a unique career exploration process to ensure you can confidentify identify your best fit career path. I also offer a free career coaching call here: calendly.com/woken/demo