Redefining, Renegotiating Leadership - What's your CEO DNA®?

What does purposeful and authentic leadership look like, really?

This Wednesday, May 17th - Join me and the 🌱 Startups for All community in our annual EPIC! leadership kickoff event - CEO DNA® - LEARN, LOVE + LEVERAGE YOUR UNIQUE LEADERSHIP GENIUS, featuring the awesome Lena West, CEO + Founding Director of CEO Rising®.

For aspiring CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, and social impact leaders/product folx--anyone who seeks to reimagine, redefine, and renegotiate what leadership looks like--in a way that aligns your positionality, your unique "special sauce," your innate leadership genius with how you progress your founder/entrepreneurship journey.

Event is FREE - learn more and RSVP for the Zoom link here:

Hope to see ya there!