April NYC Meetup

Hello NYC Elphas,

I missed the March meet up but would love to help host and plan for April!

I'm newer to the city from LA and wanting to create more opportunities for in person connections.

Date confirmed for Thursday April 18th -link to Luma invite!

The membership club Seven24 Collective at the Gansevoort Hotel is opening up their space for us to meet. They're also letting us into the speakeasy "Dimes" after 9 pm where there's a dj, bowling and a karaoke room!

Address: 18 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014

@ewarren is putting together the graphic for the event! Please feel free to distribute within your networks, super excited to share this space.

I'm also linking more info on the membership club for those who are interested.

Woow this is so exciting! let's help you plan that @ewarren @ajasinger @ellepin have planned before so maybe they want to tag team but even then, the NYC is SO SO big that having multiple meetups is totally fine and welcome :) otherwise tagging you some members who are in NYC and might want to attend or tag team on cohosting: @Savage @ruthieberber @mjrebolledo @charlieesmith @isabelleserrano @jennmoran @florenceholdeman @jwynona @lynette72 @DenishaFreeman @lavparker @ImaniBK @joannaB @dianazelikman @elizaG @andriaj @amandahosang @IsabellaZhang @nuphar @tanyarai @mika @aliyaesmail @hanna @mendezp1 @anniehe @jlynn @hyobinsung @abigailtovar @alyssasyarbaini @Maitrip13 @anishabhandari @shadmakhan @maggieblackburn @osatomeri @valk Next up (these are all suggestions based on what's worked before) - as you start getting interest (which you most definitely will :)) you could set up a doodle with some dates where people can vote and you take the most popular one. I'd suggest including the doodle on this thread AND update your initial post so newcomers can see the doodle right away- set up a luma / partiful invite or create a google invite and invite everyone to it (this option might be okay if you have 10 RSVPs but if you get more, it can be manual hence more work for you)- have a blast!!! and take pictures for the Elpha team (if folks are okay with that) , we love seeing your beautiful faces โค๏ธ We
Would to join and happy to help!! ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜
Happy to help ๐Ÿ˜Š
Super helpful - thank you so much for tagging the local Elphas! I'll share a survey link this week to determine a date. :) Would it be ok to encourage other females to join if I use Luma? I attend networking events often as part of being in talent and recruitment and wanted to see if we wanted to open it up to other women wanting to join Elpha?
Of course! That would be amazing, selfishly great for us to get more women who aren't on Elpha to be on Elpha :D Thank you so much for doing this!
Hi Iynna, I created a poll to find a date and time: you can help me find a co-planner, that would be great!
Looks like @KathyjHenry is in since she started this thread! Feel free to work together on it. In the meantime, I included the doodle poll that you did in the original post also.
so are we on for thurs 11th? @KathyjHenry @iynna LMK if you want some ideas or have a certain area in mind :)
I'll let @KathyjHenry respond since I think she'd been spearheading the initiative with (i believe) the input of others
Hi @ruthieberber, the type form is open until tomorrow for date responses for the week of April 15th. Iโ€™ll post an update with @ewarren on Thursday to confirm location and time as well as invite to share with others youโ€™d like to add from your network!!
Hi @KathyjHenry- Iโ€™ve never planned one before but Iโ€™d be happy to help. I think we can start with throwing a date and a venue (prob a bar early to mid week) out there to see who can make it!
Date confirmed for Thursday April 18th, invite to follow today!
This is a great idea! I am visiting NYC Apr 10-16 to prepare for a potential permanent move to the area this summer. I would love to join this in-person meetup; hopefully it happens to coincide with these dates.
Oh I really hope it does coincide, what better way to get a feel of the city!
I work in NYC and would be interested in a April meetup :)
@KathyjHenry, welcome to NYC and thank you for bringing us together! Would love to join as wellโ€”also, happy to help plan if you need more hands. Sports bars or Irish pubs tend to be a good meeting spot since they have physical capacity and aren't teeming with people like some 'trending right now' places can be. Stout has multiple locations in the city, though I like the Grand Central location: forward to gathering!
Would love to join!
Yes! Love this idea. Would love to do an NYC meetup. Happy to help plan in any way!
Hi, I'd love to join. I was out of town for the March one. If there's something I can do to help, let me know. Thank you, @iynna for tagging us! :)
hi friends! please lmk when/where! I would love to join this NYC event!
Would love to join and happy to help!
Would love to join also!!
Where did we land here? Super excited to meet some NYC Elphas!! LMK how I can help ๐Ÿซถ
hi @ruthieberber the most votes were for Thursday April 18th! Sharing an invite this evening :)
Wait april 16th right? I didn't see an 18th on the doodle and I see it has the most votes haha looking forward to meeting everyone :)
Count me in!
thanks @iynna for tagging, and @KathyjHenry thanks for coordinating - please let me know how I can help out with planning efforts! Looking forward to the 18th!