Co founder - Stealth Web3 Startup

Hello Elphas!

I wanted to share a unique opportunity - please feel free to reach out if you'd like more info or have any questions.


We're revolutionizing private markets with web3 technology by providing comprehensive infrastructure for the tokenization of private assets (venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, private credit and more). Our mission is to offer a unified solution for real-world asset tokenization, eliminating the need for issuers to compromise on tool quality or integration. Our team is passionate about crafting high-quality tools that facilitate a seamless, integrated tokenization process.

We've successfully raised $300K in seed funding and are rolling out our beta product shortly as we continue to secure the remainder of our seed funding. We're developing a suite of intuitive low-code applications, APIs, and a web3 platform designed to simplify the investor onboarding process, manage fundraising & investment lifecycle, and create a digital asset ecosystem that leverages blockchain technology to its fullest potential. We're building on Base, Ethereum-based L2.

congratulations on the momentum to date! Also just FYI - the linkedin post says you're no longer taking applications