Switching Completely Careers in mid 30's, to become a Software engineer ? What are your thoughts ?

Hi, I'm Marine.

I'm in my mid-30's and after spent +10 years as a business developer, country manager and founder of an intimate care brand, i've decided to jump ships and start over professionally, as a software engineer. 🎉

I just graduated from a 3 month intensive bootcamp (General Assembly), which has given me solid ground to become a junior software engineer (full stack).

I would love to get your insight on companies willing to hire junior women engineers, who've already had a career.

Do you believe that's a plus ? What would you say makes a great candidate today ?

Do you know of any companies that value transferable skills and highly motivated people, who are transitionning carreers ?

Would love tips to help me get stared and make sure I have a swifter transition :)

Thank you loads for your help !

Ps: If you know of any companies also happy to bet on a highly motivated junior dev, with transferable skills, it'd be greatly appreciated 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️.

Thank you !


Ps: In my latest project I decided to to create an app that features all of the amazing (and for some, forgotten) women who made an impact on the world and paved the way for us.

If you'd like to add to this library, feel free to. My aim is to create the biggest library for these women often not celebrated enough !

Congratss on taking the leap! I have a few resources to share with to answer your questions!On what makes a great candidate today:- Some general words of wisdom here (though focused on product but I think you might resonate with some of the advice) general tips as you look for roles think it's deff possible for you to find a role but it's not necessarily going to be smooth, unfortunately as you probably know already (and just looking at posts written by members), people are on the market and looking for roles so there's a supply of talent including of technical talent. You're in the market competing against equally talented people who might have done the work for longer so that's not to say you should give up and all but know that you will need to play the numbers' game and do a combo of cold applications, warm intros, networking etc. until you find the unicorn role!
@iynna - Appreciate all of this information so much !Unfortunately, my timing to change into this type of role is indeed not ideal considering the current market - During covid or right after would have bee perfect timing. Will def. not give up as this is something I really want to pursue ! Thanks for all your advice Iynna! If you have any recommendations of members you think I should speak with to get a better understanding of the market and of the role, I would really appreciate it ! :) Thanks again for taking the time to answer my post - I know there are hundreds !