Ask: How do I recruit internationally with visa sponsorship (specifically UK or other English-speaking countries)?

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First of all, I just want to send you so much love and hugs. I know firsthand how stressful this is! It has been and has never stopped being (especially when the US government became what it was in 2016 but I digress)... As a fellow international. I will start by saying please consult a lawyer - all of the thoughts I am about to share come from my own experience so some of it may not relate directly!L visa: Your current company - can they do an L visa where you can be transferred to a different country e.g the UK? Returning to India: Is India definitely off the card? Because you could be stationed there temporarily and leave again? Marriage/green card: Are you in a committed relationship with someone who can help you with the paper (I typically do not advocate for marriage just to get the paper, but if you happen to be in a serious relationship that you see having a future, then perhaps you could get married for "strategic" reasons and eventually do the "real" thing)?O-1 / Extraordinary ability: Lastly, consider the O-1A visa - I do not know your background but if you talk to a lawyer and discuss options you may be able to file for one and once again this is smth that your current company would file on your behalf - it is A LOT of work to file for one but the rewards are quite good and it's much "easier" get it than the H1B.Good luck!
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If you have a tech background, it might be relatively painless to get a job in Sweden - a country which I wholeheartedly recommend as one of the best places to live (unless you're looking for a warmer climate, of course - but if you're looking at the UK, Sweden could be just as good as long as you stick to the south). Pretty much everyone there speaks English and it's a vibrant economy with a lot of international companies recruiting international employees.
Hi, I was definitely in your position a while ago, and I can relate to the stress and frustration of all this so I'm sending you so much love and strength, you've got this! I also started focusing on tech roles outside the US(due to visa frustrations and losing multiple job offers as a result of this), mostly in Canada, Singapore, Dublin/London, and recently got a job offer with a tech company in Singapore and will be moving there soon. A lot of US-based tech companies have offices in these places so it's relatively easier if you have US experience(imo) and they're also more open and flexible with getting a work visa, particularly Singapore and Dublin(I also know someone who moved there from the US to work with a tech company due to visa challenges). So it's definitely doable and possible, i think it all comes down to deciding on where you're open to moving to, networking with folks working in these regions to understand differences in work culture, processes etc to see if it's a fit, getting referrals(for larger companies, you can even get folks based in different regional offices to give you a referral in another location) and leveraging your US-based experience and any other regional/international experience you have.I hope this is helpful and feel free to reach out if you'll want to chat further about this. happy to help!