Whilst working with over 1,000 startups since launching 14 months ago, we’ve consistently heard how the lack of in-person support has stunted the growth of early stage companies and the ecosystem as a whole. Thanks to our partners at Techspace, we’re excited to announce the launch of a first-of-its kind, pop-up workplace for high growth startups.

Whether you’re a sole founder or have a growing team, all startups who are part of our community will have exclusive access to our stunning 5,000 sq ft workplace.

Located in Techspace Aldgate East, SPICESPACE will be our first in-person initiative to advance our mission of developing the best tools and resources to get startups funded, faster. We know that network, community and proximity can be powerful accelerants to early stage growth, and we want to provide a physical space for this to happen.

We’re incredibly thankful to be able to bring this vision to life with our workspace partners, Techspace, who focus on the advancement of scaling technology companies in London and Berlin, and whose members include the likes of GoStudent, Freetrade and Incident IO.

For the month of November, SPICESPACE is open to all growth-centric startups. Apply to join here

Woop! congratulations Perdie!Tagging a few of our Elphas in London in case this is of interest and/or if they know of people who may be interested @mariabobek @kylieupton @camieee @ekuacant @AnaisLeon
Thanks @iynna I will check it out!
Yay! I wish I were in LDN!
Thank you @iynna, I appreciate hearing about this!