Will you be my next podcast guest?

Hey folks! I’m in my little creative cave putting together more chronicles of ambitious careers on my podcast and would love any of you to apply to be a guest here?

As a natural connector, I love nothing more than having this open to people I know and don’t know so feel free to share the link! I’m on a mission to find and spotlight my fellow ambitious peeps

p.s. You can listen to the podcast here

I subscribe to your newsletter :o I saw your name and wondered if you were the same person. I don't know if I qualify right now, but we'll see.
You can qualify for anything Morgan!
I second what @iynna said!
This is so cool and love that you're doing this @Jaz :)
oh i love this! I'm going to listen to a few episodes to see if it might be a good fit!
Love this! I have filled in the form :)
So cool! Filling this out today!
@Monica Another podcast person on Elpha!!
Just filled in your form! Excited to chat more with you about it.
I just filled out the form and excited to talk about the possibility of being on your podcast! Really enjoying your episodes.
Thanks, Jaz - this is an awesome opportunity! I filled out the form and look forward to hearing from you (either way). By the way - I think it's awesome that if you don't accept a guest, you'll actually follow up and tell them why - really classy and shows how much you care about really helping people.