Looking for awesome guest speakers for "Launching Your Career" panels

My startup (Canduit - is hosting virtual career panels for students during COVID, with a focus on students from minority backgrounds and first-generation students, covering how to break into different career fields. Dates/times are flexible over the coming months. We are particularly interested in people who started careers in banking/consulting, tech/engineering, other business backgrounds, and entrepreneurship out of college. If you are interested and willing to be a panelist, please let me know. We would love to feature some amazing women, who are looking to give back by sharing their insights!This series will cover how to navigate your first job out of college, including:-How to identify your passions, interests, strengths, etc. -How to prepare to break into a certain field (what classes to take, how to get internships and real-world experience, what companies to target)-How to apply for jobs and land an interview (cover letter, resume, interviewing, networking)-How to succeed on your first job/internship (mentorship, how to get a good performance review)
@lpdavidson I'm minority with a couple of pivots from tech founder to VC. Happy to support your initiatives, if you think it makes sense!
We could definitely use someone with your experience. I did a bit of research on LI and you've had a fascinating career trajectory! I am going to take a look at the upcoming panels and where you might be a good fit.
Of course @lpdavidson :) Feel free to DM here/on LinkedIn
Hi @lpdavidson! I started my career in law and public policy, then successfully pivoted to entertainment, followed by tech recruiting and now my own business. I can be a resource on breaking into new fields / job search strategy, and networking how-to is kind of my zone of genius. Happy to participate if it would be helpful!
Hi Hannah, thank you for your reply! Your background sounds great. I am going to take a look at the upcoming panels and where you might be a good fit.
Sounds great!
Hi @lpdavidson! I’m a first gen Chinese Canadian. I head up marketing for a tech start up currently. Would be happy to chat if it’s a fit.
awesome! thanks so much. I am going to take a look at the upcoming panels and where you might be a good fit.
Hello @lpdavidson I'm a white Brit now living nr Edinburgh. Started my career in advertising / media, got into the internet in the late 90s worked for a dating startup, moved to the US for a short period, launched in the UK, worked for Vodafone, had a failed start-up back in the US again recently spent 5 years in banking and now back at a small start-up. Still learning and growing would love to help if my experience is of interest.
thank you so much Samantha! I hope to DM you sometime this week to discuss further
@lpdavidsonHello Leah,I am a Coach and I live in London. I started my Career as a Civil Servant working for the UK Government, I did an internship at a non-profit voting rights organisation called FairVote in 2008 and now I'm a coach. I've also done a couple of start-ups on hackatons, travel and craft drinks! Here's more about me: get in touch if interested.Warm Regards,Ekua 💛
thanks Ekua! I will take a look :) We may be more US-focused right now, but your background sounds really inspiring
Hey @lpdavidson, thanks for posting!Having had a somewhat unconventional life and career myself, I'm passionate about inspiring, empowering and enabling people to realise & achieve their potential and am keen to pay this forward wherever I can. It's great to e-meet you here! My story in a nutshell: TL;DR: Suffered from a chronic illness as a teenager & missed out on a lot of school and "normal life" as a result. Thankfully, I have been able to recover from this and forged a career in tech straight after school after missing my grades for the University of Oxford. I found my passion for Sales Operations by chance and with no prior experience of the role/function after being personally recruited by the regional VP at Ping Identity to be his right-hand person in the region and joined PagerDuty in July in a senior IC (management) capacity. Lots to learn (as always!) but am having lots of fun so far and would be more than happy to chat if you think it might be of value to your students. You can also hear me share a little more of my story here: to be connected & to see what you and your students accomplish through Canduit!
awesome, I am going to check where you might fit into our panel series and probably DM you soon!
Hey @lpdavidson! Let me know if you think they'd want to hear about breaking into VC right out of college, or starting a company while still in college. Happy to share my story.
Hey Abby! I think we're doing a panel about entrepreneurship out of college and you'd be a great fit! I'm going to DM you