Hi Elphas! I'm on the team at Spring Fertility and am excited to share that we're hosting a private dinner at A Cote in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland on Wednesday, August 16th. This is open to anyone thinking about egg freezing, anyone who has frozen their eggs, or anyone who just wants to meet a bunch of cool people doing cool things! Our mission is to help our patients achieve their goals, whatever those may be and so whether it's learning more about your fertility, networking, or just getting out to socialize - I hope to see you there. Please feel free to DM me with any questions!

This is so great! Had I been on the West Coast I would have totally joined :( Will you do smth like this on the east coast (NY or other city)? Let me know!Also I shared it on the group chat with my Wharton Ladies!
would love to do an east coast one like this too. I'm in NYC.
Thank you!! Yes! We have one coming up in NYC as well on August 21st (cc @JuliaSmirnova): It should be a great group of women and awesome conversation :)
@stancemcgraw potential connection for you. xo
@KQ doing the lord's work! Love to see the support here
it was convenient that I had just seen the 2 posts + connected them. haha! xo
Haha we're the same, we love connecting the dots!