Project management career growth questions

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had experience or thoughts on a PMP certification versus an MBA versus a masters in project management? I was a data scientist for about 6 years and for the last 6 months have transitioned to a Software Project Management role. I'm trying to figure out, with this new direction, what the benefits would be for any/all of these options and if those benefits are worth the time required to obtain them.

Hi Allison - I've been asking myself very much the same questions recently, so I don't have a definitive answer for you, but here is where I've landed so far:Masters in Project Management - potentially very useful in building/developing skills that we need, but not specifically something that employers look for, and (often) very pricey.MBA: Great to have (and probably my chosen route), but it can be difficult to find one that has a Project Management speciality. If you are keen to develop your skills across the business including accounting/finance, marketing etc. it's a good option, but if you want to strictly focus in Project Management, it's maybe not the best bet.PMP: Really good - very focused, with options to tailor how you earn your learning credits, so you can branch out into areas that interest you. Very well -regarded and recognised by companies and employers. If you are planning to stay in the Project Management sphere, this is probably the best bet.Hopefully that is somewhat helpful!
Thank you so much, Madison! I really appreciate the insight on the distinctions and possible career routes!
I have my PMP and I find that a lot of recruiters reach out to me because of the certification. I also see it on a lot of job posting as a desired qualification. Far cheaper than getting a Masters or MBA, too.
Thank you, Martha! I really appreciate a response from someone with a PMP! And yes, I like that it's far cheaper than a masters!
HI @allisonthompson - I am currently a Product Manager and have worked in for 5 years in Project Management. What I've experienced is that enhanced communication skills make the big different in any roles that are about connecting people and communicating well and facilitating discussions. Although you might gain useful skills in any of the routes you mentioned, in my experience, the skills around communication are more valuable than the more technical training around project management skills. You can certainly advance without a degree, but it you do choose something, you can consider courses in communication techniques, mindset work, public speaking and psychology if that's of interest for you. Happy to chat further.
@allisonthompson Thanks for asking the question! This topic is one of the reasons I joined elpha. I'll be interested to hear replies.