Seeking a business attorney for U.S. and with knowledge of international business law

Hello, I am looking for a business attorney to have an ongoing relationship with with regard to my business. I live in Western North Carolina and would love someone local but would prefer the best, wherever they are. Thank you - Heather
@Aravinda may be a fit or know someone who is!
Thank you! I will reach out to her!
Hi Heather, I don't practice international law, but I have a couple suggestions - any country in particular (where you'll be starting at least)? Also looks like another member @Etha3 does this work, would reach out to her as well.Best,--Aravinda[email protected]
Hello Aravinda! Thank you for your message. I am based in the United States but will be working with textile manufacturers in China. Yes, I am reaching out to Etha3 as well. Thank you! -Heather
Hi Heather - of course, happy to help. If Etha3 and other resources don't work out, email me at [email protected] and I can send you some other referrals.
Thank you so much Aravinda. I may have found someone to be my attorney but the firm is running a conflict check first so I will find out soon. Have a great week! -Heather
Great - I hope it works out, but don't hesitate to reach out if not!Best,--Aravinda
Hi, I practice international law for start ups in several areas. I should be able to make some recommendations if I can’t help you - let me know what specific areas you need advice in.
Hello! Thank you for your message. When I try to DM you your username isn't popping up as an option. Would you mind initiating a DM with me? Thank you, Heather
Hi Heather, If you want to let me know your email and I will pick up there. I have experience in China. All the best!