Birth Trauma or Obstetric Violence


I created a new platform for birthing people to leave ratings and reviews on their childbirth experience with their maternal healthcare provider. Providers can claim their profile and get feedback on how to provide better care while providing their patients with up to date childbirth education. I created this platform for us to become informed consumers when it comes to choicing our maternal healthcare providers.

If you experience birth trauma or obstetric violence, in a few words, how would you describe the care you received? What kind of care do you wish you recieved?

If you want to leave a review, go to our website We launch on August 22nd! Unfortunately, we are only serving birth experiences in the United States at this time.

This is great - more needs to be done in this space and totally overlooked! Hope it goes well!
Thank you, Laura!
This is important work! FemTech Focus and Coyote Ventures can support you in your women's health venture. The best ways to stay connected would be:-Check out the FemTech Focus podcast -Join our virtual community and introduce yourself ( to FemTech Focus and Coyote Ventures newsletters-Download our FemTech Landscape Research Paper on the $1T women's health market-Let us know if you're fundraising so Coyote Ventures can take a look! 
Thank you Brittany! I will definitely stay in touch.
Woah I love this! Reminds me of the work that Robyn Health ( and Poppyseed Health ( are doing to provide support in the parent space - how wonderful to see more connection there :)
Very similar! I love what both those organizations are doing! Our emphasis, however, is on providers getting feedback on the care they are giving and providing as much education early on as possible.
Absolutely! I love the emphasis on education - hopefully it helps shed light on provider implicit bias. Could be a really interesting data set if certain providers are shown as providing worse care to vulnerable groups. I work with a design agency ( specializing in women's health - hmu if there's anything we can do to support. Sounds like an important mission.
Thank you! Yeah UX and design are so important for femtech, especially for the health care space. I will most definitely reach out in the coming months.