Looking for a Senior SWE Mentor


I'm Celeste, a Junior Software Engineer from Argentina.

I have been working for ten years in the technological industry as educator, entrepeneur and now SWE.

I created the first coding bootcamp for women in Argentina.

I had mentors from Vital Voices foundation while I was an entrepreneur and had the best experience.

Now i'm looking to move abroad with my Senior SWE boyfriend and I'm looking for an international mentor to guide me in interview prep, career choices and to learn from her.

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Hey Celeste! You may be able to find am engineering mentor from get-merit.com for free!
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I definitely recommend Merit, but if you're looking for other places to find mentors, they've put together a list of mentorship platforms and programs to check out: https://blog.get-merit.com/17-mentorship-programs-to-help-you-launch-and-grow-your-tech-career/