Family focus, remain where I am or try a better position?

For working moms who are not satisfied with their current position, I can hear a bit of your advise.

I am currently a mom who works in a company that's under paying me, but it is a work and life balanced company. My partner on the other hand has a good income. I am at the point where I couldn't decide to become more family focused to spend more time with kids and family or try a different position where I most likely will become much busier with work, but do what I want to do in my career.

The current company is comfortable, but I am not striving, but allowed me to juggle between kids and family events when I needed to. The pain point is I know I'm not enjoying much working here and the company doesn't offer the right role for me to do learn and do what I want to do.

Any working moms out there that has faced a similar situation in life that can share their perspective and how you are today?

Much appreciated!

Definitely faced this cross roads too. I think you might be surprised but there are a number of companies that do have that work/life balance out there. Your decision may also depend on the age of your children, when mine were very young (under 3) I stayed with comfortable too.As mum's we always put ourselves/careers as a lower priority but I do believe there is the opportunity to have both. You have to set out your expectations in the interview stage so that both sides are aware of needs/expectations. There's no point taking a role and then regretting it because they didn't know that you have a family and will need some flexibility from time to time.You'll be much happier in general if you go for what you really want. It is scary, but I doubt you will regret it!
This really resonates with me, I have struggled with feeling that I am sacrificing ambition in favor staying in a comfortable role where I may be undervalued but have flexibility and comfort that allows me to keep up with work while also balancing family needs. In 2019 I actually changed jobs and then quickly returned because I realized that the culture and flexibility was really critical for me. Once I had decided that I was committed to staying I had to adapt my mindset and really looked for areas of opportunity and advocated for myself both in terms of compensation and my work assignments be able to get out the rut I was stuck in. It was a bit uncomfortable for me to do that, but it has paid off in the end. Honestly, I do still think I could earn more if I jumped to another company but I don't know that I am willing to risk the balance that I've got now. If you're unhappy, I think it is perfectly reasonable to keep feelers out for better opportunities, but it's important to consider all of your priorities not just financial compensation when ultimately making a decision. What is most important to you? Can you get a good sense of company culture and work/life balance during the interview process? On the other hand, if you haven't discussed compensation or growth with your manager don't assume that they know you feel underpaid and stagnant. There may be opportunties to improve your situation or transition to another role without needing to change companies. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!
Hi @Ute154 , when deciding about quitting, consider a few things:- Role -- what % of your day to day work or projects aligns with your workstyle, strengths, and natural tendencies?- Industry -- how aligned do you feel with the product/service that your company produces? do you feel that their mission is important & interesting?- Environment -- does the culture align with your personality and values?- Give yourself a 1-10 on each of these to try to assess the current state of where you're at and what to do about it.Additional resources for you to look at:-Short quiz to decide on "should I stay or should I go" --> minute webinar on deciding if/when to quit -->, I'm Rachel, a Career Coach - My profile has a lot of info about me where you can get in touch and also book a free initial call with me if you'd like more support.