Hello All.I’m Sarah Neumeier and I am ready to have some conversations. I've spent the past many months:Having FUN ->LinkingIn - making new connections and new friends.Reaching out to leaders.Reaching out to people in my network.Offering & receiving support.Researching companies.Researching some more.Applying for jobs.and so, so much more.Did I mention & Having fun?!I am thankful for this journey, the connections I've made along the way and what is ahead. I am a Product Management leader with 20+ years’ of experience in software & health technology. I am passionate about elevating the voice of the customer in order to develop on target products and services that empower individuals to engage with health care where, when, and how they need to.During my career I worked as employee #1 at a start-up where, in 10 months, we developed and delivered a new cloud-based registry and reporting platform for use by the American Burn Association and their members.I look forward to joining a mission driven company where I can build meaningful relationships and develop healthcare products and services that add value to our society.Would love to connect with you, or someone you think would be great for me to connect with, for a coffee chat!CHEERS. Sarah#Networking #ProductManagement #Support #OpenToWork #tech