How to build an MVP without a technical co-founder

Yes, you can launch a tech startup without a technical co-founder!In the early days of your startup it will be hard to attract a technical co-founder to build your app, but by knowing how to efficiently build of your MVP and get some traction, you can de-risk the opportunity for the tech person and change the conversation from "I Need You" to "Here's an Opportunity".Join us for a FREE online masterclass, where Nelly Yusupova, CTO with 18 years experience, Startup Tech Advisor, and creator of TechSpeak for Entrepreneurs, will teach you how you can make the shift from struggling to develop your MVP and feeling uncertain of what you should be doing to successfully building your MVP in the next 3-4 months so you can start getting traction for your product and attract a technical co-founder or CTO.You will learn:* Why it’s so hard to find a technical co-founder or CTO* A strategy for attracting a a technical co-founder or CTO* How not get ripped off in the processTo register, go to:
Seems like it's more about finding a technical co-founder and not building an MVP without one?
Hi Kathrin,I will teach the strategy for building an MVP without one so you can start to get traction while you continue your search for technical co-founder/CTO.Please let me know if you have any additional questions.Nelly.
Ah, ok. In you description it was a little bit misleading :) Sounds very interesting, thank you !