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Okay please help...

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Hey AllieB, When are you chatting with this angel? If it’s not for a few more days, I’m happy to chat with you for 30 min and just transfer the knowledge I have from all of the work I’ve done which includes mentorship from an attorney and other start-up mentors. To start with, if you’re going after a pre-seed round, the good news is, you won’t be expected to have a ton of material. If this is a seed round, then you’re going to have a lot more work on your hands. Based on what seed round this is, the answers are going to vary quite a bit. DM if you’d like to chat. I’m booked thru Wed though which is why I was asking about your timing. I could meet if you want to chat at night; otherwise, we can find time Thurs or Fri. I wish you a ton of productivity here.
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That was supposed to say: I could meet earlier if you can chat in the evening.