Pitch Deck review for EdTech Startup

Good Morning and Happy Monday ladies! I'm so hopeful that someone has time to check out my pitch deck...and give me a wee bit of feedback would be so great. Please DM and I will send it to you. Thanks!
I'd be happy to :) I've been in your shoes (edtech entrepreneur, who did a 180 in VC and I spend my days looking at deck :)) Is it customer or investor deck? I can review either just curious :)
It's an investor deck, targeting Angel Investors who are interested in Pre-Seed funding....mmm how do I send it to you?
Ha I can definitely do my best and help there :) you can DM a google drive link?
Hi Allie, amazing! In addition to working with founders on product-market fit, I also perform due diligence for angel & VC investors. While I don't have time to talk to you 1-on-1, I want to share my fundraising quiz:
Thank you!
I don't mind taking a look for you!
Thank you! Link sent!
Happy to take a look. You can send the link through the form on my website:
Thank you! I'll get it right over!
Hi Allie! I'm happy to take a look and offer feedback if you still want another pair of eyes :) I've mentored early stage-startups at MIT's Delta V, and been on the creator side of pitch decks for my own startups
Thanks so much!
Hi Allie - this looks awesome! I don’t have kids but I think your product is super timely with Covid. I did investing for 3 years in software & EdTech was an area I focused on. I haven’t been an investor in 4 years now but I’m happy to help if you need more eyes!
Thanks so much! I'm accepting as many perspectives as I can. I am a solo founder so I need the feedback.
I can take a look if you are still looking for feedback.
I am a VC investor. Happy to take a look! Please send me a note at [email protected]
Being a former preschool director and current school principal, I think this is a wonderful startup idea! Wishing you much success😊
that means so much to me thank you!
You’re so welcome😊
It looks like you got lots of great reviews and feedback on your pitch deck. If you haven't heard of StartEd before, I'd recommend checking them out. They only support EdTech founders. I've attended a few free events and their Shark Week and found it's a great forum. They have EdTech Week coming up with a special explorer track that might be interesting for you. Registration is free at
Thanks so much! I appreciate the suggestion! i'll check into them now...