Looking for a Wealth of Knowledge about Digital Marketing

Hello all!I'm searching for a well rounded update about digital marketing...the last book I read was The Social Zen several years ago before I ran off to South America etc. etc...and so here we are and I need to get back in it! So...A list of books please or websites, or tutorials, preferably books that I can absorb to bring it back around. Thanks so much for your time!
Hi Alicia!I tagged your post in Elphas in Digital Marketing to increase visibility. With that you can also check out the community as you might find some useful resources
Thanks so much!
Tagging @jenmy as she may have resources to share!
Thanks so much!
Hi @AllieB, depending on what you are looking for specifically... I will highly recommend these resources:
Yes I'm an avid Marie fan and I think I found Amy on Podcast...haven't seen the other before...Thank you :)..
Hi @AllieBHubSpot has some really good digital marketing resources that are independent of their offerings. If your offering is B2B, you might want to check out but again, their content can sometimes apply to B2C depends on how you apply it. You can also check out to get started.
Thank you! I just ran across Hubspot this morning and I was really excited about their free marketing classes. The idea of the Job Framework is a great way to approach getting to know your customer. So yea I'm hyped about those...I'll look into the other ones too :) Thanks!