Transitioning from unconventional non-tech backgrounds into Product Management

Hello Elphas, I wanted to get some advice from the Product Management and Product Career experts in the group. My husband has been struggling with his professional identity for quite some time now, in fact, for over a year. He craves a fresh start and feels his sector (Social Impact) cannot meet his desires, specifically money and global experience. It's also a very niche space in our country, with very few interesting roles opening up for someone with his experience, and the ones that do, have unfortunately not worked out. The rejections have also certainly weighed heavy on his spirits, and I've been trying my best to support him as he navigates this phase.

I recently realised that he may like the Product Management track and be a good fit for it. I myself have a background in PMing at top companies, although I've moved to general management now, but my instinct says that it'll offer what he seeks, and while the industry has its own biases, I've seen people from diverse backgrounds find their way into it successfully. I've started sharing materials with him so he can start exploring the space, but I am nervous about nudging him into a completely new direction. With over a decade's experience in marketing, operations and sales in a non-technology world like governance and Impact, I can only hope my instinct is right that he can find a path in product management if he wants to.

Are there any Product people in the group who transitioned from unconventional backgrounds? What was your experience like, and what advice would you give someone in the same boat today?