Need Help in Job Hunting and Getting a interview... I screwed up everything, its my fault.

Hi Elphas, I hope that you are all staying healthy and safe at home.I am a Penn State alumni who graduated with a masters in computer science from Syracuse University at December 2019. I am a driven, resilient, open-minded and a well-rounded software engineer, with a diverse skill set ranging from full-stack development to machine learning.I am proficient on frontend and backend development, where I have worked on Java, Python, C# and frameworks like ReactJS and NodeJS. I have deployed applications in AWS and Docker.If you or anyone you know is hiring for backend and fullstack developers, or SDE I roles throughout United States, I would love to connect and learn more about the positions and how I can provide impact. I am passionate and excited to make a difference. [Vent]On the side note, my family and I have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Both my parents divorced this year and it has taken a toll on me personally. I am suffering high anxiety because I have only time till Feb. 13 2021, to extend my work visa (STEM OPT). I am seeking for guidance, some form of mentorship, a direction to go. On the outside, I am trying to put a strong front, in the inside I am suffering. I am taking full responsibility for all of my actions and anything that is said in this post. I am feeling very lonely, and it is very bothersome.I am struggling in getting leads while networking and I accept any help in pushing me in the right direction. My goal is to turn the leads into interviews and I am struggling in the conversion process. I am asking for a chance to prove myself, to prove my strong work ethic and that I am a quick adapter, to prove that I can take responsibility for my actions.I have to work really hard on earning the trust, to prove that I am worthy for the position. Nothing is handed in a silver platter. I came as a immigrant with humble beginnings and I have always learned not to take anything for granted. I am not special, I have flaws. I don't have 3 years of experience in five different tech stacks or 6 years of experience in Kubernetes. I have learned to learn how to unlearn quickly and relearn and that is my strength. The flaws serve as a entry point towards my path of becoming a better person. If there is any way, or any resource, anywhere where I have forgotten to look, please let me know. I need mentorship, and guidance. I feel lost.[End of Vent]Note: I apologize for the long rant, I suffer from PMS and I suffer from severe mood swings for four days. I hope that I am not judged for this.
It sounds like you've had a very tough year and things have been tumultuous, emotionally and physically. Take it easy on yourself and as much as things don't seem like they're going the right way, know that none of this is "your fault" — you're trying the best you can!Sharing some job hunting resource as well from Elpha in case you haven't checked them out already: (Our official company partners) (Job opportunities that are members share with each other)
Don't beat yourself up Vishnu. I understand that there are too many things going on in your life, but right now just keep everything aside and focus on what's most important to you. Easier said than done, but our inner strength shows up only in such tough times. And I strongly believe that we will be thrust with problems that can be handled by us, not more, not less. So cheer up and start your job hunt with positivity. Am sure you are going to land up in a good place very soon.Just came across this post: is such a helpful community. As Teresa suggested, you will find tons of jobs in elpha's job boards. Wishing you the very best!
Hi Vishnu!My fellow Elpha-ers have said it all so I don't have more to add other than you've got this! It ALWAYS gets better - don't despair, I know it is so easy to say that yet it is also true. It will work out beautifully for you - I am international so I know exactly how you feel as I have been in your shoes (minus the STEM extension)On a tactical note: I just tagged you on a number of recent posts in needs of your skills - happy connecting :) !