Getting back from leave to a whole new team

Hey Elpha Fam ! I need some advise / inputs here. I joined this new job early 2021 and I am returning from my maternity leave . in the time I was gone, a bunch of changes and reorg happened - my boss quit, my peer became my manager, my projects were transitioned (completely understandable as I don't expect them to be paused for 4 months) , team charter/ goals everythign changed So much that I had to be constantly plugged into the chnages despite being on leave as I was so nervous. This whole experience has left a very bad taste . As I return from my leave and I am still ywt to figure out how to operate as new working mom of 2 kids I have a bunch of questions :

1. should I stay put even if it means I don't see a career progression track and I am not passionate about what I do. I just suck it up and stay put for a while given this is a familiar environment, work and I have some flexibility which I need now more than ever. Also, given all the layoffs and hiring freezes job switch may not be the most ideal

2. I did get reached out by a former manager for a potential position in another company . I am yet to talk to them about the same . A new job with my current situation is obviously not ideal but also I don't know what that opportunity promises

3. Stay put for a couple of months but start passively looking internally and externally.

i hate that as working moms we have to go through so much professionally before during and after our Mat leave . Unfortunately a large population of men think it's a long vacation that we are returning from.

any advise/ tips / inputs are highly appreciated

Why not talk to your former manager about the new job? You are effectively starting in a new job anyway given all of the changes that took place while you were on leave. See if the job with your old manager looks any better than the "new job" you are returning to, and collect your paycheck in the meantime.You could also be aggressive in negotiating work-life balance with your old manager (e.g., "I'll need all Fridays off") since they know they have to make it attractive for you in order to take the risk of leaving.
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If I were you, I’d look into option 2 very closely and actually look seriously for new opportunities. You said it yourself “it left a very bad taste” and tbh that feeling won’t go away that easily, additionally there’s a lot you’re navigating and it’s not like there’s familiarity anymore (new team, new project etc.)Waiting it out might just left you more frustrated and in a terrible place to re-recruit for new roles. Best to kickstart the process now esp if you have an in, regardless of the current job market (it will take long and won’t be easy, but job hunting has never been easy unfortunately) Good luck!!