NYC Hangout Details! (Finally! πŸ˜‚)

Good morning everyone!

Soon I'll be posting about things other than this hangout for us that I'm trying to plan I promise. Lol!

Your interest and the messages I'm receiving about coming is making me so excited! Thank you, thank you!

I feel like a rooftop dinner + drinks would be one of the best ways for us to chat, unwind and just have a fun time.

Below are the details:

Place: Williamsburg Hotel Rooftop Bar

Date: 7/30/22

Time: 7:30pm-whenever you're ready to leave. Haha!

Please message me privately to exchange numbers and emails, of course if you are comfortable. I'll mainly contact you if plans happen to change or the night before to confirm your attendance.

*I am going to cap this at the first 11 people to reply on the comments or message me about coming, since the responses was much more than I imagined. (Again, thanks sm!)*

Hope to see everyone there! 🥰

jessicapei's profile thumbnail
Would love to join! Messaging you w contact details now :)
isabelleserrano's profile thumbnail
Thanks Jessica!Speak with you soon.
vy's profile thumbnail
I’m down to join this meetup - I was just at Williamsburg Hotel rooftop last night and it was amazing! 🀩
isabelleserrano's profile thumbnail
Hi Vy,I’m glad you had a great time! Feel free to message me when you can with any contact info you’re comfortable sharing with me. See you then!
iynna's profile thumbnail
I LOVE that roof! Have so much fun!
carlydiaz's profile thumbnail
I wish I could join, but I'll be in Chicago that weekend. Hopefully there will be another opportunity soon!
Kristy's profile thumbnail
I would love to join! Messaging you now
osatomeri's profile thumbnail
Interested, and saved in my calendar!
LiriH's profile thumbnail
Thank you for organizing this! I'd love to join as well
amyzhao's profile thumbnail
I’d love to join as well! I’ll message you my contact info 😊 thanks for organizing!
rachelmmurray's profile thumbnail
Messaging you!
Jmayhay's profile thumbnail
Yes this sounds so exciting!!
teresaman's profile thumbnail
@isabelleserrano count me in if there's still room!