Meet-up suggestions

Hi Elphas!

I hope everyone is having a great day today. This post is just for any suggestions on anything in regards to the Elpha NYC meetup I'm planning in July.

Any suggestion from dates/times to activities and venues, I'm open to them all.

Feel free to send me a message privately or just drop any suggestions in my comments, and I'll keep note.

Hope to see everyone that's interested there! 😊

Thanks for starting this thread! :) One suggestion on venue: Williamsburg hotel @ Rooftop Bar, or the Watertower Bar! Or... a picnic at a park!Tagging those from your previous thread who've expressed interest :)@jessicaweldon @jessicapei @Danyelle @StacyWIN
You’re the best Teresa! Thanks so much for tagging everyone that is considering. And great suggestions, I love the Williamsburg Hotel rooftop bar!
Love that β€” rooftop bar would be great :)