Lunch Time Energy Boosting Meditation Class! Your investment is up to you!

Hello Elpha Community! I wanted to pop in and say hello. My name is Madeleine and I am a Freelance Trauma Informed Meditation and Movement Teacher amongst many things 😁. I've noticed such a need in mental health support in the past two years. Even myself, included, needed to take a year off from teaching to take care of my health. Something I noticed is how often I used to say "I wish I had more time in the day". 24 hours never seems like enough when my energy was all over the place! Safe to say that living with anxiety and depression caused my energy levels to dip very low during the middle of the day. I know many of us experience this so if you do, please feel free to connect with me. I would love to hear your story and support you as best I can!

With that said, I wanted to share my online offering which is "Lunch Time Energy Boosting Meditation". It is only 15 minutes on Monday's from Sept 12-Oct 3rd. You will receive the recording if you aren't able to make it from 12-12:15pm PDT. Plus, the first 5 to sign up will receive access to my videos for this course for life!

These specific breathing techniques really helped me increase and stablize my energy. I had to share it with you as well.


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Link is here or at the top of the page!