Dear Professional Women in Tech,

I found this report (link) by

United Nations Foundation and it looks disheartening. It unveils a surrounding gender bias in many if not most areas of life (which we know about, unfortunately, but not in such figures), countries and regions, also industries, particularly within the tech industry—an area I believe many of us are deeply invested in. This report brings to light some noteworthy findings, and it could be essential to discuss them in a professional context.

The report reveals a significant gender bias issue within a prominent tech company's hiring processes. These automated systems displayed a disconcerting trend, consistently favoring male applicants over their female counterparts.

Also, the report sheds light on the underrepresentation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. Currently, only 35% of students pursuing STEM fields in higher education are women.

Along with other revealing findings, an unsettling revelation is that computers and AI systems often exhibit gender bias, with some even displaying racial bias. Such biases perpetuate stereotypes and contribute to inequalities.

Basically, if you are wondering, this report was a revelation to me, showing such gender disparities in the tech industry and beyond.

It is unfortunate but nothing in there is new, and that's why we have elpha (and other fantastic org that focus on helping women navigate their career and the world in general). What I'd love to see is less talking about the problems (through these reports) and more doing.