Hey everyone!

Come join our virtual meetup for Southern California Elphas!

This will be an informal opportunity to connect and discuss plans for our upcoming in-person meetup.

Pleasae fill out the attached form if you're interested in this meetup or anything else we plan in the future.

Thanks all!

@laurenharvey and Becky

Woooh so amazing! thank you ladies for doing this! I'd love to tag some relevant elphas but to be clear, what does Southern CA cover? LA and surrounding? or San Diego? something else?
Hey there! Thanks so much for wanting to tag specific Elphas! When we meet up in person mid March, we are thinking LA area but it also depends on where everyone is from! If we end up having 5 people from San Diego and 5 people from LA, we'd do the meet up in Orange County or something like that. If most are from LA, we will have the meet up in LA. :)
Amazing! Thank you for this context! I will revert back and tag Elphas broadly in that area and then can go from there! :)
Super - thank you so much!