Having difficulty launching a chocolate product made for grocery stores-- advice or leads?https://www.sweetduetchocolate.com

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Have you worked on your value proposition and your target market? I would recommend you to work on that and then test your assumptions with the lower possible cost. Happy to chat if you need it :)
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Hi Annie, congrats on launching! Iโ€™m actually launching a Bean to bar product (privately) in December. Iโ€™ve been working on it for 4 years and My primary focus is exactly what Teresa mentioned below: Get that value proposition going. Also, Iโ€™d really recommend applying for a farmers market permit to market your chocolates as well as offer free tasting to vendors so that they can connect with your product and want to sell it! The holidays are coming, lots of people will buy your product if youโ€™re placed in the right space and time. Pm me if you want to talk more. Congratulations!!
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Hey Annie! Congrats on the soon-to-be launch - the chocolates look delicious! I don't have any personal insight into launching a food product but definitely agree the time is ripe with the holidays near. I read about a couple who increased their sales exponentially with their business by using Tik Tok as their main social media platform. Here's the link, I think there's a ton of valuable information that could be of use to you: https://thehustle.co/how-a-tiny-peanut-butter-company-grew-to-500k-per-month-in-sales/
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Thank you for that Lauren,I think I will look into gift guides. As far as Tik Tok is concerned, I'm wondering if my target is likely to be found there vs Instagram. But I will look into this- thank you for lending me a thought :)