Please share your international relocation experience and frustrations!

As a multi-country expat, I am exploring some start-up ideas to make the lives of those relocating to live and work in a new country easier and more managable. I´m early in this journey, currently narrowing down and validating a few concepts for which I will build an MVP, so it´s the perfect opportunity to share your experiences and help me, help you!

From cross-currency financial tracking, to understanding and navigating visa categories, application processes and deadlines, finding your dream home-away-from-home to all the logistics and "did-you-know" discoveries that help you set up a fantastic new life in a new (international) location, I would love to understand what are (or you anticipate) to be the biggest challenges in your journey..? I´m specifically focused on working expats who are settling for the medium- (+6 months) to long-term, however, welcome comments from digital nomads who are moving around more often as well.

Please feel free to share in the comments below and/or respond to my survey here:

Thanks for sharing!

I cant wait til you launch, i'd totally use this!
Thanks @iynna. Please do share your challenges - I need a great launching point! :)
Hi! I'm not who you're looking for right now, because I haven't done this myself... but I'd be very interested in where you land! My husband and I are planning to travel this way in the future - longer term "home away from home" style. I know there are resources out there online, but it seems overwhelming / confusing to navigate (though TBH, I have only dabbled / haven't begun researching in earnest, so I may be mistaken.)I'll share your survey with a few friends.
Thanks Liz! I am interested also in people are in the planning process, so I can identify your key "trouble" spots!
Public transportation payment systems and maps, good neighborhoods for x, real estate agents who can help with a lease, police registration rules, western grocery stores, school ratings and availability to foreigners, tax system nuance (will the company automatically contribute your taxes? will you need to file in the US still? etc.), retirement system laws (are you required to contribute? can you take the money with you when you leave? (some places you CANNOT)), international clinics and insurance laws and availability... so many things!
Thanks Amy! I´ve noted these down!