Need inputs on take home assignments in interviews

A small typo. I meant "geographically distributed companies" 😁
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Hi Leoma! I can speak from a People-professional (I work in recruiting) and it's 100% company dependent. (I worked in Tech Recruiting agencies for 4 years and am now working in house at Teachable)1. Ask questions: I would ask the recruiting team what to expect during this round (will it be done via paired-programming via Karat or a take home where you'll upload your code to a file/github)? What is their expectation of you (do they expect you to arrive to a solution that works or care more about your process of getting to a solution)? etc. 2. What type of full-stack role is it?: All full-stack roles at companies lean 1 way or the other, often they lean on the front end but definitely clarify because that'll help you best prepare what to focus on and prep for. Feel free to message me separately if you have any other questions but there's no one size fits all. I'm sure some of our engineering Elphas can speak more to the tech side of things. :) good luck!
This is so helpful. Thanks a lot @gabbysalmeronVery true, even I notice that full stack roles lean a lot towards front end. To be frank, Back end is my strength, though I can develop pretty decent front end code too. As you say, better to clarify so that I'll know where to focus.Sure thing, I'll DM you with a couple of more questions. Thanks a bunch 🥰