Looking for an Exec Coach

Hi Elpha,

I hope this is being posted in the right place, but I'm currently looking for an Executive Coach.

My Background:

  • Currently Co-founder of Relating Between the Lines since July 2020. I'm building a school for relational education, where we teach core people skills for both professional and personal fulfillment and success.
  • In our team, we have 3 wonderful full-time folks (including myself), work with 8 independent contractors, and 1 intern.
  • I'm looking for support in being able to better lead my teams, transitioning from working less in the business and more on the business, and build a sustainable working life.

If you are a coach, please privately message me information about yourself, coaching packages, and link to schedule a discovery call.

Thank you!

Hi @stephhxtran, I'm Rachel Serwetz, a Career Coach at WOKEN, and I have coached several entrepreneurs (in fact I have a client who's running a marketing agency that sounds like she has very similar goals to you! We have dove in quite quickly to help her focus on operations/processes, team/hiring, and much more to strategically scale her business, plus helping her find balance despite an intense workload). If you’d to have a free initial chat, check my profile for a link!