Saving memories of mom so she is not forgotten

My mother passed becuase of cancer some time ago and while I am working through my grief, I've been trying to figure out what to do with all the digital memories of her. We have so many text messages, audio messages, and photos all over different apps like Whatsapp and iMessage.

Everything feels so precious to me and I want to organize all of them so that I don't forget our time together. Curious how do you save and organize your digital memory with families? I looked into tools available but none seems to meet my needs. I'm at the brink of just having to create something myself (I have a little bit of coding knowledge)... but it would be great to learn from everyone else first.

Have you thought about creating a physical, printed photobook style thing with collages of texts, photos and memories? Like a piece of art dedicated to her?
@morowley do you know of any digital memory preservations?
Sorry to hear that. I recently lost my grandma and have been toying with the same idea as well to capture memories. Open to a chat if you’d like!
Incredibly sorry for the late reply. @lynette72 Let me know if you are still up for a chat!